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Short Film

Eric Johns lost his father many years to brain cancer and he is about to lose his wife in the same way. He should decide whether to give her more few months to live but she will forget everything even him or to stop treating her with the chemotherapy and radiation and let her die. 



















Short Film


A Wealthy man named Adam who had an affair with his employee. decides to have her killed. But is it really the end of Emma?






























Short Film 

Hind, a deaf karate athlete, faces mistreatment at her training center, leading to a struggle to regain her confidence and strength.

Award winning Berlin film festival 2024















Short Film

Post world war two, Hayden an expat living in Egypt hosts a party in her house to announce the news of her illness with cancer.














Short Film 

In the heart of Cairo between the alleys, the cemeteries and diminishing slums. Umm Hiba the mother and the hard-working wife in the middle of the 60’s who earns her livelihood mourning in funerals on her last day in life, while her teenage daughter trying to set out towards freedom and liberation of poverty.















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